Which One is Your Preference ?
(Copyan dari Milis)

Wife is like television (TV),
girlfriend is like Handphone (HP)

At home watch TV,
go out bring HP.

No money, sell TV.
Got money change HP.

Sometimes enjoy TV,
but most of the time play with HP.

TV free for life.
But HP, if you don't pay the services will be terminated.
TV is big, bulky and most of the time old,
but HP is cute, slim, curvy andvery portable at any time.

Operational cost for TV is often acceptable
but for HP is high and oftendemanding.

Most Important, TV got remote
HP don't have.

Last but not least, TV do not have virus,
but HP yes, so better choose TV

**ada-ada aja, dan bisa aja ya yang bikin... hehee....**
**sorry lagi-lagi baru bisa copy paste dari milis, belum bisa bikin sendiri :) **

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